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For Mother & Children



For Mother & Children


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Connect mothers and children all over the world with society

Product sales and distribution

We sell and distribute Japanese products useful for mothers and babies. We also pecialize in high quality additive­free baby food sourced from Hokkaido farmers. Our logistics professionals can provide access to international customers and take care of your product marketing, assembly and delivery needs.


We are professionals in marketing targeted to parents with infants and young children. As one of the largest marketing services in Japan, we are able to reach 1.5 million households nationwide. We offer planning, copywriting services, expert designers, food stylists, nutritionists, photographers, and child models.

IT/WEB development

We are experienced in creating e­commerce websites, mobile websites & apps and provide IT services to clients. With our professional translators, designers, and engineers, we fully support your market development, both domestically and internationally.

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IT/App Development

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Food Arrangements

Food Arrangements

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Hiromi Kawamata

Hiromi Kawamata

  • “A skillful liaison between employees, clients, company and society”
  • Creative director

One of the Hiromi’s unique skills is having a keen eye for people’s strengths and abilities, an invaluable quality for a successful manager. Prior to establishing Lindoors she gained an experience at consulting firm and then at IT development company. Moving up career ladder, she’s been working as an advisor on female employment for Google Japan and later as a chief editor of the most popular weekly lifestyle magazines in Japan.Hiromi also played key role in number of projects with a vision to connect all mothers in the world. Through Lindoors, Hiromi can provide a valuable data analysis for companies marketing their products to parents and kids.As of September 2015, the company will be based in Los Angeles, USA.

高瀬 明子

Akiko Takase

  • “Value a family, be free, live in the moment”
  • Facilitator

After graduating from college, Akiko started her career in a major international logistics company in Japan. She worked with 300 companies on various import projects and developed her skills as an international logistic coordinator. Through her experience in logistics Akiko realized that there are not enough safe products & services around and she wanted to change this situation for future generations. To make her wish come true, Akiko made a career move into organic food services. Being a mother of two she can now provide safe products for kids – a top concern of every mom.

小林 明日香

Asuka Kobayashi

  • “Capture the moments. Bring happiness to families via pictures”
  • Photographer

Asuka built her career in photography by working as a manager in photo studio for four years. To gain more experience in shooting photos of active kids, she moved on to being a freelance photographer. Currently Asuka is working for a major advertising company and still pursues her passion by taking children’s pictures at various events. Her ability to capture kids natural expressions during play has been a hit among her clients.Asuka’s dream is to take photos of children’s smiles around the world and hold a photo exhibition.

Aiko Tatsuta

Aiko Tatsuta

  • “Loves sea”
  • Web designer and creator

When she was 24, Aiko wanted to live near the ocean so she set up a food truck and started her business. Running into some challenges she switched from selling on the street to online food order and delivery service by cooperating with IT company. Since then, she’s become interested in web development and learned all aspects of the trade: CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Javascript, SEO, server & security, design and so on. Being a professional web developer at the moment she still never stops learning.

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